public attitudes to hunting

The reality is that time is running out for the hunts.

The lie that is “trail hunting” has been exposed like never before and the rise of social media has shown the cruel and barbaric activities of hunts across the country week in week out.  

Whether it be fox hunting, hare coursing or deer hunting, opposition to these pastimes only increases with time.

Opposition to legalising fox hunting has risen from 73% in 2008 to 85% in 2017 and it is now likely this figure is even higher.  

Over the last few years polls have demonstrated significant public support against hunting and for the ban on hunting to remain in place.

85% opposed to legalising fox hunting – Source: 2017 Ipsos Mori



87% opposed to legalising deer hunting – Source 2017: Ipsos Mori



90% opposed to legalising fox hunting – Source: 2017 Ipsos Mori



96% have never participated in hunting activities - Source: 2019 Survation



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