It feels like every week now there is a new report of violence suffered by those simply trying to protect wildlife. Most recently it was revealed that there will be no prosecutions after an incident which left an anti-hunting campaigner with broken ribs. The 61year old from Northants Hunt Sabs was pushed off a fence in the attack leading to an air ambulance having to be called out. The sab group said that they handed footage to the police and yet no further actions have been taken.


You can’t help but feel that if the very same thing had happened in the high street that the police would have taken it more seriously. And this isn’t the first time that hunt supporters have used physical violence to protect their sordid and barbaric activities. Only a few days ago hunt saboteurs out sabbing the notorious Cottesmore Hunt were violently attacked, with one sab having to be taken to hospital after suffering concussion. This isn’t a one off and sadly it will probably not be the last time an incident like this happens.

Back in April a hunt sab was literally left to die after he was brutally beaten while confronting badger baiters. The Manchester Hunt sab had part of his ear ripped off in the attack, all because he was trying to defend wildlife. The men responsible for the attack were digging out a badger’s den when they were approached by the sab. On the other side of the country, Devon County Hunt Sabs were also victim of a violent attack telling The Canary how “One sab was kneed hard in the groin and the thugs piled on top of him throwing punches and trying to steal his body camera. The other sab was also attacked and was robbed of his possessions. His hunting horn was snapped in half and his phone and radio were taken.”

 Attacks like this are commonplace and the majority of the time hunt saboteurs don’t even bother reporting it to the police, after years of inaction and in many cases bias policing.

This is the side of fox hunting that the hunts don’t want the public to see so please share this article and help make the public aware of the sheer brutality of those who hunt wildlife. They continue to think they’re above the law. Whether it be illegally chasing and killing foxes or beating up anti-hunt protestors, the law doesn’t seem to apply to them.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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