Humberside Against Bloodsports:

Holderness Hunt North Cliffe Hill top Farm 21/11/2021

"The Hunt met at Hill top farm and left at 11am for the rest of the day they were pretty much under constant drone surveillance. From meet they headed cross country to the outskirts of the village of Hotham. At this point the drone was deployed and we were quickly overhead we watched as they flushed a series of hedgerows. The video  below was taken as they flushed through this area we belief that due to presence of the drone the huntsman chose to call off the hounds and with the hunt being only out of sight for less than ten minutes we do not think they killed this fox.


They then headed to North Newbald across a mixture of fields and the road. With a field of almost 40 riders and around the same number of followers in cars they caused significant delays for the local residents however we were at the front of the convoy allowing us to have constant eyes on the hunt  . From North Newbald they head up towards a wind farm via Beverly road turning on to a footpath . At this point we lost the hunt for around half an hour although given the heavy presence of horse boxes we believe that they spent most of this time switching horses .

With the use of the drone we were able to located them travelling away from the wind farm. From Beverly lane we ever able to quietly get back overhead and monitor them as they headed down towards the A1034.

Heading down to the A1034 we were able to observe them cross this road heading back towards the meet. Heading down Cliffe road we followed the hunt as they entered a wood before loosing them as they headed back towards the meet. We lost them for approximately  half hour picking them back up as headed into the meet . Due the fact that we had a constant drone presence over hunt we are 90% certain that they did not kill.

We are dedicating this sab and its success to an amazing organisation called Keep The Ban. Through a grant provided by Keep the Ban we were able to secure the funds to be able to buy enough drone batteries to allow us to be able to constantly have the drone in the air."

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Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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