At Keep The Ban we continue to strive for a more compassionate future for wild foxes.  That is why we are supporting the development of the Isle of Wight’s first ever fox rescue and release programme.

As we continue in our fight to end fox hunting for good, we are now lending our support to Marley’s Haven, a new rescue centre in the Isle of Wight, dedicated to providing care and shelter to injured and orphaned foxes, and other wildlife.


Pauline, founder of Marley’s Haven, is inundated with requests to help animals, but simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to care for them – which is why she needs our help.  Will you help us?

Marley’s Haven has the land to build a soft release pen, so once the injured or orphaned animals have been treated, they will be moved to this pen before being released back to the wild.

We are now fundraising to turn this shelter into a secure and safe environment for multiple foxes before they are returned to the wild.

Pauline’s aim is to develop rescue pens to care for multiple foxes. This includes materials for the shelters (that abide by RSPCA animal welfare regulations), heat lamps, incubators, bedding, medication, and food.

With Pauline’s continued efforts we will hopefully be able to save more foxes, or at least give them a peaceful send off as they so rightly deserve.

To date, Keep The Ban has provided a grant for two sheds, a camera and fox medication.  But we want to do more.  If you’d like to support ours and Pauline’s efforts to rescue and care for more wild foxes you can do so be donating now.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

Looking to help?

Adopt a fox with Keep The Ban for just £2 per month and support our on-going work to expose wildlife crime and end fox hunting in the UK for good.


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