Yet more disturbing footage has emerged from last weekend which shows a member of the Meynell & South Staffs Hunt showing a complete lack of care for their hounds. This particular hunt are sabbed by the brilliant Manchester Hunt Sabs, who stated the following on their Facebook page:

"On Saturday 13th November we were following the Meynell & South Staffs Hunt where we witnessed their total lack of care for their hounds.

On multiple occasions they were left to struggle through barbed wire fencing, or allowed to spill out all over busy roads.

At one point the hounds were loose all over a road in total darkness whilst the Huntsman Robert Truscott was still a couple of fields away making no effort to call them back.

We also witnessed Whipper In Sean Watts picking hounds up by the scruff of their neck and throwing them over fences with no regard as to how they would land.

It further proves that to hunts, their hounds are nothing more than a tool - they deserve better."

Midlands Wildlife Action added that "A vet report has already been drafted on how this treatment can injure dogs and is in breach of welfare law.@

This is yet another incident of a hunt showing a complete lack of regard for the animals under their care. Images below shared by Manchester Hunt Sabs show the state of some of the poor animals - You can show some support for Manchester Hunt Sabs and donate to them here

Once these poor animals are deemed no long good enough it is likely that they are then shot dead by the hunt. This was the case for several hounds from the Beaufort Hunt, after footage captured by the Hunt Investigation Team and shared by Keep The Ban showed hunt staff firing bullets into the heads of four dogs. Two of the hounds had to be shot twice after showing signs of life. The full investigation can be seen below but we do advise that the footage is incredibly distressing.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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