Leicestershire Police have confirmed that they are looking into two reports of illegal fox hunting after a member of the public witnessed a fox being chased in front of her car.

Speaking to Leicestershire Live the 53-year-old woman, from Countesthorpe stated:

"We had seen the hunt coming across the field towards us," said the eyewitness, who did not want to be named. "I'd said something about fox hunting and my husband said not to worry, they only follow scent trails now that fox hunting is illegal.

"All of a sudden they came out through a gateway, chasing a fox that ran out in front of our car."

She added: "They went across the pub car park in Main Street, in Peatling Parva, chasing the poor thing.

Unsurprisingly the hunt responsible for the pursuit of the fox claimed that the hounds had become "disorientated" and that immediate action was taken to retrieve them.

Leicestershire Police have since released a statement themselves:

"Officers are appealing for information as they continue to investigate two separate reports of illegal hunting which have been made during the past week," said a spokesperson for the force. "A report was also received at around 2pm yesterday (Tuesday) in relation to an allegation of illegal hunting in the area of Rempstone Road, Belton, Loughborough"

"Both reports involved a fox being allegedly chased by hounds."

Detective Inspector Charles Edwards said: "We have received these two separate reports and are carrying out full enquiries into both to establish the full circumstances.

"Our inquiries include speaking with witnesses and analysing CCTV."

He added: "As part of our ongoing investigations, we are appealing to anyone with any information in relation to either report who has not yet made contact with us to speak with us.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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