As reported by the Independent, the police have said they will not bring charges over allegations of illegal fox hunting despite video evidence clearly showing riders and hounds pursuing a fox. Shockingly it has also been said that the officers involved with the case would not take any statements from witnesses because they were “not independent”. The case was dropped as a result. This is according to Somerset Wildlife Crime who have reportedly stated how Dorset Police said they would not take statements because “we are biased as anti-hunt campaigners”. The group subsequently told the Independent that “This is a brand new move by Dorset Police. Our statements have only ever been “what I saw, what I heard.” And it is down to the officer taking your statement to ensure the statement is factual, not opinion”.

Keep The Ban founder Rob Pownall commented “It is already difficult enough to pursue prosecutions against illegal fox hunting without statements being refused or ignored. The accounts of those on the ground are vital in building a case and in providing a bigger picture as to what was taking place on any given day. It is incredibly disappointing and worrying to hear that this Police force has decided that the case will not proceed in part because statements were “not independent”. This sets a very dangerous precedent.”

Why aren’t more hunts prosecuted for illegal fox hunting?

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban