On April 28th a horrific attack took place. While trying to discourage a group of illegal badger baiters from targeting a badger-sett in Bolton, a hunt-saboteur from the Manchester Hunt Sabs was viciously attacked by the badger baiting group and left for dead, unconscious on the ground.  

Luckily, he woke up and was able to call for help. However, he suffered some serious injuries (quite graphic photos of which circulated on social media) and he subsequently needed over 40 stitches and will require plastic surgery. Not to mention any psychological damage such a brutal attack might have caused him.  

A ‘go fund me’ page was set up and over £20,000 has now been raised to contribute to the plastic surgery, which has hopefully restored a bit of faith in humanity.  

Since the mid 1800’s badger baiting has been illegal, and badgers have been a protected species- still are. It is illegal to kill, injure or take a badger, and it is illegal to dig or interfere with a badger sett. It is also illegal to fox hunt and hare coarse, but time and time again the law doesn’t seem to stop these cruel activities from taking place as we still see an abundance of wildlife crime committed all over the country, as this situation has reflected.  

What makes this worse is the outright arrogance and entitlement that accompanies these low-life's. The fact that this group of people were willing to beat someone to near death, just because they got caught badger baiting, says a lot about the type of people that take part in these so called ‘blood-sports’. It goes without saying that anyone capable of killing an animal for fun and nearly killing a human to protect that ‘fun’, is not a nice person. All the more reason to continue putting pressure on those in power to ramp up wildlife crime investigation and tighten the law.  

On May 10th the police appealed for information regarding the attack, as they are still yet to identify any of the attackers.

GMP Bolton South’ tweeted;

“#APPEAL l These are the horrific injuries sustained by a man who needed over 40 stitches after being assaulted at Darcy Lever Grave pit Country Park on 28 April. An investigation is underway by GMP Bolton’s CID”.

Anyone with any information or knowledge on active badger baiters or general blood-sport fans in the vicinity of the attack in Bolton- get in touch with the police.

As the police stated in their appeal ‘it is so important that those what committed this awful act are caught and taken from our streets’.  

The fact that these people are continuing to go about their daily lives undetected, after committing such a vicious attack on an innocent man is unnerving.

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of Social Media