Boxing Day Hunt parades should be banned says anti-hunting organisation Keep The Ban who have launched a petition calling on councils across the country to revoke land access and deny road closures.

Every year hunts across the country take to the streets to glorify their sick and sordid pastime, using horses and hounds to present a cuddly and romanticised image to the public. This year Keep The Ban is calling on all councils across the country to stand up to the hunts and deny road closures and access to those who abuse and kill wildlife for fun. These groups of wildlife criminals shouldn't be facilitated by councils any longer. Below is our open letter which we are urging our supporters to adapt and send to their local councillors. You can also sign the petition here.


"I am contacting you to make a formal request to stop enabling the local hunt through the town centre on Boxing Day. Over the past year it has been shown beyond any doubt that the pastime of “trail hunting” is nothing but a “smokescreen” for illegal fox hunting. The former Director of the Masters of Fox Hounds Association, Mark Hankinson, was found guilty of encouraging hunt masters from across the country to break the 2004 Hunting Act. Senior hunting officials were caught on camera orchestrating how to best continue pursuing wildlife. Fortunately, these recordings were leaked for the world to see. It is therefore unsurprising that many major landowners have now taken the decision to ban the hunts from their land. In recent weeks Natural Resources Wales took the right step and permanently ended all hunting licences on their land.

However this hasn’t stopped hunts across the country continuing to peddle the “trail hunt” lies and use it to cover up the sordid killing of wildlife. The hunting season is already underway and foxes continue to be torn to pieces by hounds.  

The local council should not be facilitating and assisting a group of people hellbent on breaking the law and killing wildlife.  

I urge my local representatives to follow the example of Keswick Town Council and ensure that no hunts are allowed to parade through the streets this Boxing Day or any other day. It is time that local councils stood up to wildlife criminals and did the right thing."

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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