In March 2021 a hunt were unnecessarily passing through a quiet residential area when the hounds became out of control and attacked and killed a domestic cat- Mini. An onlooking neighbour caught it all on camera, as the hunt master is seen running to pick up Mini's body, and then chucking her over a fence into a back garden, which so happened to be her family’s garden. This was a truly traumatic experience for the family who cared for Mini, especially the children who had to witness it, and the callous act of the Hunt caused public outcry.  


In response to this incident, the heartbroken owner of Mini decided to set up a campaign to bring in new legislation called Mini’s Law-  (officially known as the Public and Animal Safety Bill 2021) that would ensure safety to the public and animals from any hunting activity, including trail hunts and exercise of hunting hounds. The proposed legislation would prevent these activities from taking place in residential areas and therefore eliminate any further danger to domestic animals. It is also hoped that the legislation will pressure hunts to disclose their meeting points with the argument being that if they are indeed "trail hunting" like they claim then there will be no reason for not giving this information.

This incident wasn’t the first involving out of control hounds, as a recent report found that as of March 2021 there is on average one incident reported every fortnight.  

The petition set up in favour of Mini’s Law has now passed the 10,000 mark with campaigners getting involved to spread awareness and demand change. The government will now have a duty to respond to the petition since it has hit the 10,000 mark, and we are urging people to keep signing to get it further.  

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of Social Media