Over 650,000 people have now watched Keep The Ban's Boxing Day animation 'A Trail of Lies - narrated by Chris Packham' across all of our social media channels.

Keep The Ban’s animation ‘A trail of lies’, narrated by TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham and voiced by actor Peter Egan documents the key moments since fox hunting was made illegal in 2004.

It was reported on by The Metro and shared by several high profile individuals such as Ricky Gervais and Stella McCartney

The animation blows away the lie that is ‘trail hunting’ and exposes how it is has continuously and persistently been used as a “smokescreen” for illegal fox hunting. In theory hunts claim to be following an artificial scent as opposed to a live mammal but as referenced in the animation, “During a decade long study, hunt monitors reported that only 1% of so-called trail hunts lay a potentially genuine trail”.

The animation also makes reference to the presence of terriermen as proof of the trail hunt lies. These individuals are directly or indirectly employed by hunts to ensure foxes cannot escape underground either by digging them out or blocking badger setts prior to a hunt. Following on from this the animation then focuses on the ‘turning point’.

“After 17 years of inaction from the authorities, saboteurs needed to battle through the smokescreen and gather evidence from the very top of the hunting community - the hunting office.

In 2020, they got just that.

Three online zoom webinars run by the office were leaked, revealing a nationwide conspiracy to strengthen and continue the smokescreen of trail hunting.

Earlier this year Mark Hankinson, former director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association was found guilty of encouraging or assisting others to evade the ban on fox hunting. The lie that is “trail hunting” is well and truly over and unsurprisingly major landowners such as the National Trust have come forward to end the licencing of hunts on their land.

Keep The Ban hopes the animation will expose the public to the realities of fox hunting in this country and encourage other major landowners such as the Ministry of Defence (who gave out 11 new hunting licences for the forthcoming 21/22 hunting season) to permanently ban hunting on their land.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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