The following article contains the words of hunt saboteur Lynn Sawyer from Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs.

"The North Cotswold Hunt has been sabbed by one of us as far back as the late 90s on an occasional basis. We have seen blatant fox hunting, kills, artificial earth's, blocked badger setts, dig outs and the tell tale signs of dead broiler chickens for fox cubs in the summer months over the years. On the 13th November a fox was seen running through Hornsleasow in long grass. One of the hunt members stalking a sab was up in front singing loudly to frighten the fox away. Hounds came up speaking on the line and were stopped by the sab who cracked their whip and rated them verbally, but they were then encouraged on. At first when we caught up with the pack we thought that they had killed that fox, but on examining the footage it became clear that a muntjac deer had been killed."

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Image: Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs

Lynn Sawyer of Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs went on to describe:

"We saw the hounds clearly having killed and the whipper in cracking his whip to get them away from the body. "He threw the body over a fence and took it away. There was fresh blood and hair where the hounds had been eating their prey, a muntjac deer. "What you're seeing on the video is from when we stopped the car, and I stood on a dry stone wall and filmed from the road. We went over after, and there was blood and fur and it didn't look foxy; I've seen quite a few kills in my time. "I've spoken to a few people and we agree it's a muntjac deer."

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The wildlife in the area had just 6 days to recover before the hunt were back on Lord Wemys's land.

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