A poll conducted by Survation on behalf of Keep The Ban reveals that 63.6% of those surveyed think foxes should be given greater protection in the UK with 61.7% also agreeing that trail hunting should be permanently banned. 23.2% of respondents said that foxes should not be given greater protection while the same percentage also said that trail hunting should not be permanently banned.

The questions were posed by anti-hunting organisation Keep The Ban who are pushing for major landowners and councils to permanently ban so-called 'trail hunts' from using their land. Keep The Ban is releasing a six minute animation this Boxing Day (narrated by Chris Packham) titled 'A Trail of Lies' which aims to dismantle the "smokescreen" that is fox hunting once and for all.

The results demonstrate a clear majority in favour of 'trail hunting' being permanently banned with less than 1/4 of respondents believing it should not be permanently banned. Question 3 also reveals how a strong majority believe foxes should be given greater protection in the UK and this is unsurprising considering the frequency of reports of illegal fox hunting taking place across the country. Keep The Ban will continue to campaign and advocate for legislative change to ensure foxes and all British wildlife is given the protection it needs and of course strengthening the 2004 Hunting Act remains a key aim.

'A Trail of Lies - narrated by Chris Packham debuts this Boxing Day on the Keep The Ban YouTube channel

Full details of the 2021 Survation survey questions

The question posed to the 1,719 residents aged 18+ living in theUK was as follows:

Q2. Trail hunting is an activity which is said to replicate hunting a wild mammal with dogs.
Hunts say that they follow pre-laid scent trails instead of hunting live animals, while campaigners argue that live animals are
still chased and killed and that trail hunting is a cover for illegal fox hunting. In 2020, several major landowners suspended trail
hunting on their land while police investigate hunting groups who allegedly discussed using trail hunting as a 'smokescreen’.
Which of the following statements best reflects your view?

  • Trail hunting should be permanently banned
  • Trail hunting should not be permanently banned

Q3. Which of the following statements best describes your view?

  • Foxes should be given greater protection in the UK
  • Foxes should not be given greater protection in the UK
  • Don't know

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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