Following calls made by Keep The Ban and fox lovers across the country, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust have confirmed that there are no plans to kill foxes on their site. In a statement released by the Trust on 15th April they have stated the following:

A number of people have asked for more information on the steps we are taking regarding the fox situation at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We can confirm that we are working with Fox-A-Gon, who are experts in humane, non-lethal fox deterrence, as part of the approach the Trust and our contractors are taking to keep our patients, staff and wildlife safe.
The rumours that we had employed a pest control company to kill the fox are not true. We are sorry that we cannot reply to all of the DMs we have received on this topic so we’d appreciate the sharing of this message to any local groups.”


Keep The Ban can confirm that Fox-A-Gon are currently in touch with Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and are advising them on the situation.


The Trust also stated the following:


“We'd like to thank everyone for contacting us on this issue. While many of our colleagues and visitors are animal lovers, as a busy NHS hospital we do need to to take steps to deter the fox from the site. However, please be assured that we are doing this in a humane way and would urge visitors not to feed the fox. We would be grateful if you could share this message.”


Although sometimes change can take months or even years it can sometimes take just a few days to make a difference. This is exactly what happened in February of this year as two proposed fox culls were cancelled in just a matter of days after South London Hunt Sabs highlighted the plans and campaigners across the country banded together.

We will continue to urge landowners and businesses to adopt humane and no-kill policies when it comes to the handling of foxes. It must not be forgotten that we destroyed their habitat to build our own and that while sometimes foxes can be seen as a nuisance they are crucial for a variety of reasons. Please watch our video below where we explain how and why foxes are not vermin and should be treated with compassion and respect.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban