Kent County Council are coming under intense pressure after it has emerged that they are hosting the Ashford Valley Boxing Day hunt meet despite failing to follow any of the required road closure health and safety legislation.

Campaigners from West Kent Hunt Saboteurs have stated that the council said "they don't want to cause issues for the hunt by applying the correct road closure legislation, which needs 12 weeks notice and a fee of nearly £600. In these emails the police also advise the correct legislation to use and the council ignore it."

The group have since been informed that "the hunt can go ahead, no matter what, with their event, and without the required 12 weeks notice.  They have given 6 weeks notice at that point.  Her reasons were that the event will be safer (how you figure that out with only half the time to prepare) and that, anyway, horses are allowed on the highway!  Extraordinary."


Why are the councils even considering this event?  Streetworks at KCC have said the event will probably go ahead regardless as they have allowed the application at their discretion and, the extraordinary statement that the event is likely to go ahead anyway as horses are allowed on the highway!

This completely overturns the decision made last year that proper TTRO legislation would have to be applied from now on for this event, the application received at least 12 weeks before the event and a payment made.

Please email (KCC chief)

and the Streetworks department at

Ask them why they are even considering allowing this event to go ahead when the hunt has not given adequate notice and the event is not suitable for the free road closure legislation they allow it under every year so as not to cause the hunt "issues".

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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