A stunning six minute animation released by Keep The Ban and narrated by Chris Packham destroys the "trail hunt" lies once and for all as the anti-hunting organisation calls for major landowners to permanently end "trail hunt" licences. You can watch the full 6 minute animation below and sign our petition here - can we reach 100,000 signatures? 

'A Trail of Lies' was created by the brilliant Ben Sinclair for Keep The Ban - he tells us his thoughts behind the piece and why it is so important for the public to be made aware about the lie that is 'trail hunting'.

"I'm so glad to be given the opportunity by Keep the Ban to visualise the absurdity of trail hunting, and help people understand why it has to be stopped. By clearly showing that trail hunting is a smokescreen, and bringing the leaked hunting office webinars back into focus, I hope that viewers can finally help us turn the tide on illegal hunting in the UK.

But this isn't just about an isolated animal rights issue. This is about a deeper, antiquated mindset that still persists in our modern UK society, which states that humans are above wild animals and can therefore do as we please with them. The sooner we move past this cruel and destructive mindset, the better off the whole animal kingdom will be, not just the fox. In a time when the natural world needs all the help and love it can get, it is more important than ever to stand up against those who subjugate it to terror."

The animation centres around the notion of ‘trail hunting’ and how it is has continuously and persistently been used as a “smokescreen” for illegal fox hunting. In theory hunts claim to be following an artificial scent as opposed to a live mammal but as referenced in the animation, “During a decade long study, hunt monitors reported that only 1% of so-called trail hunts lay a potentially genuine trail”.

The animation also makes reference to the presence of terrier men as proof of the trail hunt lies. These individuals are directly or indirectly employed by hunts to ensure foxes cannot escape underground either by digging them out or blocking badger setts prior to a hunt.

Following on from this the animation then focuses on the ‘turning point’

“After 17 years of inaction from the authorities, saboteurs needed to battle through the smokescreen and gather evidence from the very top of the hunting community - the hunting office.

In 2020, they got just that.

Three online zoom webinars run by the office were leaked, revealing a nationwide conspiracy to strengthen and continue the smokescreen of trail hunting.”

Earlier this year Mark Hankinson, former director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association was found guilty of encouraging or assisting others to evade the ban on fox hunting. The lie that is “trail hunting” is well and truly over and unsurprisingly major landowners such as the National Trust have come forward to end the licencing of hunts on their land.

Keep The Ban hopes their animation will expose the public to the realities of fox hunting in this country and encourage other major landowners such as the Ministry of Defence (who gave out 11 new hunting licences for the forthcoming 21/22 hunting season) to permanently ban hunting on their land.

Only a couple of weeks ago John Sampson, Western Hunt Master was found guilty in court for being in charge of dangerously out of control dogs in a public place after his hounds mauled Mini the cat to death in a quiet residential street. It is believed to be the first time ever that a member of a hunt has been convicted under the Dangerous DogsAct when involving a domestic animal.

Keep The Ban has since supported the campaign for Mini’s Law and has been calling on councils across the country to ban hunts from hosting their annual Boxing Day meets which are set to take place on Monday 27th December.


Rob Pownall, founder of Keep The Ban stated:

“Every year hunts across the country take to the streets to glorify their sick and sordid pastime, using horses and hounds to present a cuddly and romanticised image to the public. This animation is a stark reminder of the ‘trail hunt’ lies. It is about time major landowners, councils and decision makers stood up for wildlife and end the facilitation of sordid activities carried out by gangs of wildlife abusers.”

Chris Packham, Wildlife TV presenter & conservationist,

“They shoot their hounds, they whip their hounds, they punch their horses. They kill people’s pets, damage their property, break the law and rip our diminishing wildlife to pieces for fun. This shocking animation shows the true nature of wildlife persecution and how those responsible have been able to get away it for so long. Well not anymore. It’s time for decision makers to make a stand. It’s time for the Ministry of Defence and other complicit organisations to wake up to the ‘trail hunt lies’ and ban the hunts for good. Please take action and sign the petition to end this madness.”


Peter Egan, Actor,

“There are many things in life that I abhor..cruelty and lies top the list..which is precisely why I cannot stand anyone involved in hunting.

The Hunting Act 2004 commenced in February 2005 since which time it has been ignored and lied about by those well heeled psychopaths and their lackeys. Lord Mancroft's webinar exposed the depths of deceit these people will go to fulfil their horrible and disgusting pastime..laying trails of lies and smokescreens with one intent..to destroy wildlife..and ride roughshod over the will of over 85% of our nation. End trail hunting..stop the lies..stop the cruelty.


Recent survey results – Conducted by Survation

A recent survey conducted by Survation on behalf of Keep The Ban found a strong 61.7% majority in favour of trail hunting being permanently banned with 63.6% also agreeing that foxes should be given greater protection in the UK.

Methodology: Online interviews of residents aged 18+ living in the UK.

Fieldwork: 8-11 December 2021

Sample size: 1719

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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