Last week it was uncovered that online fundraiser ‘Jumblebee’ has been hosting online auctions for fox hunts. Jumblebee is an online fundraiser whose “aim is to help charities, clubs and communities to raise funds for good causes.”  

It has been revealed that they host several hunts across the country. In particular, the ‘Eggesford Hunt’ based in Devon apparently raised over £13,000 from an auction hosted on Jumblebee. We are curious to know how raising money for a hunt is a ‘good cause’. 

The link with the hunting world begs a question as to whether there is any element of prior screening for those wanting to sign up and use Jumbelee as a means of fundraising. If so, then Jumblebee are clearly quite happy to publicly support hunting and illegal activity. If not, then Jumblebee clearly lack a rather important cog in running their platform professionally- by allowing anyone the freedom to raise money through them, they are putting both their reputation at risk and risking assisting ‘good causes’ that might not be good at all and in fact instead be extreme or unethical, such as illegal hunting.  

The ethical outcry in response to this revelation will only be intensified by the fact that there is evidence in the public domain of the Eggesford Hunt chasing and killing foxes. 

After the leaked webinar of the hunting office revealed that hunts in general are actively using “trail hunting” as a smokescreen, this therefore strips the hunting world of any trust or faith in them not pursuing live mammals when out pretending to trail hunt.Subsequently, any professional bodies or organisations associating with the hunting world are now indirectly condoning the illegal activity of them. This is a very messy world to get involved in,and Jumblebee can be deemed guilty by association if they continue this relationship.  

We wonder if it is worth it or whether Jumblebee might realise the negative publicity this attracts? Those who say no publicity is bad publicity clearly didn’t draft in a section to do with breaking the law and the consequences for your reputation.  

This news comes not long after it was exposed that insurance company AXA have been revealed as the hunting industries main insurance provider. There has been huge backlash in response to this news, with many people cancelling their insurance contracts with AXA, urging them on social media to break away from this relationship and some taking to the streets to protest. The news of Jumblebee is not too dissimilar and requires similar public action.  

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of Social Media