At the beginning of April, West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs paid a visit to the ‘Hurworth Kennels’ in West Rounton to see if the ‘Northen Counties Mink hounds’ had started hunting yet. They wanted to check whether they were out killing any mink that day.  

While on a public footpath, they encountered a member of staff from the hunt, and were subsequently threatened with a meat cleaver, all of which was captured on film. The video/photo has made its way around the internet, much to the horror of most people including ourselves.   

The gentleman (or as we refer to him - ‘thug’) in the video, is clearly intimidating these saboteurs, squaring up to them, and is at the end heard shouting;  

“If you come back again, you’ll see your f***ing knee-caps coming off”.  

Image: West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs

Should this have happened in the middle of a city, there is no doubt that the police would have swiftly intervened. Not only was he brandishing a ratherlarge weapon,but he was threatening to ‘knee-cap’ someone and therefore inciting quite horrific violence. 

This was a stupid but unsurprising move for someone associated with an already murky world, this sort of blasé aggression only adds to the poor reputation the hunting world already has and does make us wonder how anyone can admit with pride that they are associated with such a “sport” and“tradition”. We believe incidents like this should put pressure on those in positions of power or authority to be openly against hunting. 

It isn’t uncommon for Hunt Sabs to receive threatening behaviour and often verbal and physical abuse from those associated with or part of a hunt. There have been numerous public cases of hunt saboteurs being attacked, or having their lives threatened, much of it often ignored by law enforcement.  On Wednesday 28th April a member of Manchester Hunt Sabs was brutally attacked and left unconscious by a gang of badger baiters in Bolton. You can read more about that here

This incident in Yorkshire only adds fuel to the fire with regards to the public knowing what kind of people we are dealing with. 

If you would like to support West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs you can do so here.

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of Social Media