Footage released by Staffordshire Hunt Sabs shows the shocking moment one of their members was ridden down by John Phillip Webb of the North Shropshire Hunt. The huntsman intentionally rode into the sab before fleeing the scene in laughter.

In a statement put out by Staffordshire Hunt Sabs:

"The sab has since been released following a CT scan, with severe neck and upper back pain and swelling on his temple from direct impact with the horse.

Our footage shows our sabs monitoring the hunt along a footpath adjacent to Meadows Farm, Ash Magna where behind the camera two female sabs are alarmed at almost being ridden down by members of the hunt at speed. Our male sab then ensures he is facing the hunt and filming for his own safety, before Webb rides straight into him.

Thankfully the horses' hooves somehow missed the sab's body as Webb ploughed over him and his injuries are consistent with severe impact. The sab attempted to walk but fell to the ground repeatedly, at one point losing consciousness briefly. He was then able to walk for assistance and wait for an ambulance where he was told he was lucky to be alive."

The group believes that much of the anger from the hunt came from sabs successfully moving hounds away from woodland where a fox had been sighted, which the huntsman was attempting to flush with hounds. If it wasn't for this group and local monitors then this hunt like many others would be able to get away with killing wildlife.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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