On Wednesday 28th April a member of Manchester Hunt Saboteurs was beaten unconscious and left for dead in a brutal attack after he confronted and disrupted a group of badger batters in the Little Lever area of Bolton.


As reported by Manchester Hunt Saboteurs, “He was out checking on a badger sett that he visits often and came across a group of 5 people with 2 dogs in the act of digging out the sett. Despite being alone he bravely confronted the men to prevent them killing any badgers. These cowardly thugs then proceeded to beat him unconscious and leave him for dead. Thankfully once he regained consciousness he was able to make it back to the road and call for help. As you can see from the images, his injuries are very serious.



He needed 42 stitches in his head, and will need plastic surgery on his ear. If anyone has any information regarding the identity of these thugs then please let us,or the police, know. We will treat all information in the strictest confidence. These people need to be dealt with. If you run in to a similar situation,please do not engage with them alone. Call the police straight away as they should treat badger baiting as a serious crime, especially if still in progress. Please also let us know so that we can arrange for the sett to be monitored if possible. Badger baiters are notoriously violent, they really are the lowest of the low.

We don't know how anyone could derive pleasure from inflicting so much pain and suffering on animals like that. We would also like to thank the local people that rushed out in the middle of the night to makesure our sab was looked after. To say we are angry would be an understatement,but we are incredibly proud of the bravery shown by our sab last night. Thanks to him the baiters abandoned their plans and fled the area. This sett will be watched closely from now on."


Manchester Hunt Saboteurs have since set up a fundraiser to help the man who suffered from this violent attack which you can support here. You can also buy a coffee for Manchester Hunt Saboteurs here too.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban