Ella Couchman was looking after her five horses when a large pack of out of control hunting hounds found their way into a livery yard. Ella feared for the safety of her pregnant mare in an incident where "They had no control of their dogs and they also broke the fencing when chasing the foxes," The hounds belong to the Essex and Suffolk Hunt and is not the first time that they have caused the suffering of a horse. Only two weeks they were responsible for running rampage onto private land which led to the death of another poor horse.

“It was stressful and upsetting to watch my horses be in that situation and I then had to spend the day with my horses and try to calm them down. “I was worried my foal was going to get colic as he started to show signs and I was worried my mare would get too stressed and cause problems for her baby. “If I was at work there’s a chance my foal could have been seriously injured as he got in with the the older boys who would hurt him - that’s why the horses are not altogether. “I called the police and they attempted to intervene – the foxes managed to get away on this occasion.” The hounds belong to the Essex and Suffolk Hunt who only two weeks ago were responsible for an incident which led to the death of another horse.

A spokesperson for this hunt told The Gazette "She said: “I have been in contact with the horse owner and apologised for the very unfortunate incident and to check her horses are OK. “I have also ensured her this will not happen again and we will warn her of any future trail hunts in the coming years. “We are also arranging to replace the fencing.”

Horse put down after bolting from fox hunt hounds

A hunt has "offered its condolences" after its hounds rampaged on to private land and terrified a horse which subsequently had to be put down. Barney the horse who was looked after by Lisa Lane in Wormingford, was panicked after dozens of hunting hounds gained access to the land without their permission. The animal which has been with Lisa for over 20 years bolted and ran straight through a gate which resulted in the poor animal breaking his leg. He then laid on the ground in immense pain for over 40 minutes before the decision had to be made to put the animal out of his suffering.

Images show the hounds running wild on the Grove Estate

Essex and Suffolk Hunt has admitted it was conducting a hunt in the area at the time and offered its “sincere condolences”.

Lisa, 40, said: “I got a phone call at about midday explaining there was a truck on the drive and my horse was on the floor and the gate was broken.

“My horse had been laying there for at least 40 minutes in pain on his own. We were not warned a hunt would be going on - if we were, I would’ve got the horses in.

“My little dog is usually running around up there and so is my six-year-old daughter, they could’ve been there and in real danger.

“This is the death of an innocent horse, my family horse which my children have grown up with. It’s disgusting.”

A spokesperson from the Essex and Suffolk Hunt has stated “Representatives from the hunt immediately assisted with the situation and were deeply sympathetic towards both the landowner and the owner of the injured horse, offering to assist further in any way possible.

“As horse owners ourselves, we realise what a difficult time this must be and we offer our sincere condolences to those affected by these unfortunate events”.

Sadly this isn't the first time that a hunt has caused the death of a domestic animal. Last year the Western Hunt rampaged through a quiet residential street before killing Mini the Cat in her own front yard. How much longer will the hunts get away with rampaging across the countryside and killing anything in their path?

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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