Can we really make a difference? Do decision makers really take notice of us? The answer is yes. Although sometimes change can take months or even years it can sometimes take just a few days to make a difference. This is exactly what happened in February of this year as two proposed fox culls were cancelled in just a matter of days after South London Hunt Sabs highlighted the plans and campaigners across the country banded together.

The Coca Cola Cull

On the 10th February it emerged that Coca Colawere planning on killing the foxes at their Sidcup site and they responded withthe initial statement that foxes on occasion require certain measures to keeptheir population under control. However following their hotline being inundatedwith calls and ‘Stop The Cull’ trending across Twitter they were forced into revising their statement and immediately cancelled the proposed cull.

Eltham Warren Golf Club Cull

Just a matter of days later and another London site was proposing a cull of foxes due to the “damage” that they cause. This time the golf club were preparing to slaughter an unspecified number of foxes on the 19th of February. However following the work of South London Hunt Sabs in drawin gattention to the plans, campaigners and members of the public again rallied together to stop the cull. South London Hunt Sabs spoke to News Shopper and stated;

“We immediately sprang into action and with the help of the great British public we have brought this to the attention of hundreds of thousands of people.
“We have had a slew of messages from local residents who are once again horrified that this is happening on their doorstep.”

After getting in touch with the club they very quickly reversed their plans and released the following statement;

“Please be advised that the planned cull of foxes due to take place on Friday 19th February has been cancelled.
“Furthermore our Course Policy Document is being amended to ensure that no wildlife present on the course will be intentionally harmed now or in the future.”

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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