If you haven't already done so we urge you to watch the video above and get to grips with what it means to be a hunt saboteur. 

Last week Keep The Ban sat down with hunt saboteur Harky and explored all aspects of hunt sabotage. In the first of four hard-hitting episodes we uncover the basics of sabotage and the reasons why hunt saboteurs are so crucial in the fight to end hunting for good.

Two of the questions revolve around the basics of sabotage which we have included below:

What techniques do you use to sabotage?

Our focus in the field is the hounds. It's the hounds that kill the foxes, it's not the horses, it's not the riders, it's the hounds. So anything we can do to distract the hounds, that's our main tactic. If the hounds get the scent of a fox, we'll use voice calls to try and pull the hounds away from that. We'll use whip cracks,whistles. All non-physical distraction techniques just to try and keep the hounds distracted from any fox that they may come across during the day. All the animals are victims,none of the animals want to be involved. The horses and the hounds again, I don't care what any pro hunt says. They're treated terribly. These animals aren't enemies,these animals wouldn't naturally go against each other. They're pitted against each other for human pleasure and there's no other way to say it.


 How often do hunts go out?

Most hunts will go out every Saturday. They'll often have a mid week hunt, maybe a Tuesday or a Thursday, but you can bet that any day a hunt is going out, hunt sabs will be going out.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban