It would appear that Geronimo the alpaca never had TB after all – as results show the poor animal had no traces in his dead body.  So how did we get to this point?

Well back in 2017 Geronimo was brought to the UK from New Zealand by his owner Helen Macdonald.

 The alpaca tested positive for bovine tuberculosis in August and November that year and was then put into isolation. The government applied for a court order in July 2018 to kill Geronimo. This then started a lengthy legal battle with Macdonald claiming the animal was healthy and that government experts had relied on flawed science. The case was dismissed but this was appealed and in the meantime an order was made preventing Geronimo from being killed. After several legal challenges sadly failed, Geronimo was ultimately dragged to his death in front of the worlds’ media on 31 August.  

The government claims an initial port-mortem examination found possible evidence ofTB but supporters disputed the results. Now we have new evidence that there was no TB present in the dead body of the poor alpaca and therefore the animal was killed for no reason, and left panicked and distressed in his final moments alive.  

In a statement issued by Helen Macdonald she said –

"For nearly five years, we have asked the government to retest, reconsider and review their bovine TB policy, appealing directly to the Prime Minister BorisJohnson and Secretary of State George Eustice. 

"George Eustice has spent a ridiculous amount of British taxpayers' money and resources on trying to prove that this one imported alpaca had Bovine TB, when we knew all along that he didn't, and ultimately, he personally ordered for Geronimo to be condemned to an unjust death. 

"It is incredibly sad and personally devastating that the truth only emerges after the senseless death of Geronimo."

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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