The Flint and Denbigh hunt killed over the weekend and distressing images show members of the hunt trying to wrestle the lifeless body of the fox from a sab. Posting to Twitter on Saturday evening, North Wales Hunt Saboteurs told how a fox was sickeningly hunted and killed by the same hunt exposed last week for hitting and abusing a horse. The below image was captioned "The face of a killer, Flint and Denbigh hunt whipper-in and last weeks horse beater Toby Dunn"

Image: North Wales Hunt Saboteurs

Wildlife conservationist and TV Presenter Chris Packham shared the images above stating how "It exposes the madness of killing our diminishing wildlife for fun . Hats off to the brave @northwalessabs member . . . It’s time to end fox hunting now." We couldn't agree more. This killing is not a one off but simply the most recent in a long line of kills by hunts in just the last few weeks.

Speaking of the incident, North Wales Hunt Saboteurs stated the following:

"They chased the fox through a field along a hedgerow before the exhausted fox ran into the wooded area at the side of the dismantled railway line which was now surrounded by the hunts riders. The whipper-in was now frothing at the mouth as he attempted to get out of a gate onto the road to get onto the embankments of the dismantled railway line to retrieve the body of the fox, only now after the fox had been killed did the huntsman attempt to gather his hounds. The hunt support savages were going wild with joy from the kill. Pat saying "oh they've actually got one!", hunt supporter Liam stood there laughing and other supporters started to get violent pushing sabs around whilst members of the public had now also been dragged into this with the chaos caused on Bodfari Road, one of the riders saying to one drive who had got caught up in the traffic jam "oh I'm sorry about this".

The group were at the scene to ensure the hunt could not kill any more foxes and had they not been there it is very likely that this would have been one of many more kills.

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Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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