In a story covered by ITV News last night, dozens of dogs and foxhounds have been seized from a farm in North Wales which appears to be connected to the Dwyryd hunt.

As reported by Rupert Evelyn, the animals were taken by the RSPCA following concerns about animal welfare and a potential breach of court order. It would seem that this court order most likely refers to the one that given to David Thomas, hunt master of the Dwyryd hunt, who in 2018 was sentenced to 22 weeks imprisonment and banned from keeping dogs for 8 years after being found guilty of badger baiting.

The story was seen on ITV evening news and can be watched here

In a statement published by ITV News, "Officers from the North Wales rural crime unit and the RSPCA moved in on the rural Snowdonia location where they found 34 dogs and two ferrets.

In one outbuilding, 200 yards from the main farm, a lone dog was discovered, tied up, surrounded by its own muck.

The dog was rescued from the building and a vet was instantly on hand to assess her before she was taken to safety.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “RSPCA officers joined North Wales Police as they executed a warrant at a property in Gwynedd on 17 November following information from the League Against Cruel Sports. A number of dogs were removed and are now in RSPCA care. We cannot comment any further at this time due to ongoing enquiries.”

The dogs were living inside and outside a sprawling mass of buildings, amongst them a pack of foxhounds.

The investigation will focus on the condition of the animals and whether a court order preventing keeping of dogs has been breached.  

This was an unusual police operation due to its scale. All the animals are now being cared for elsewhere in accommodation believed to be inside, warm and with bedding."

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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