Following a long running investigation carried out by the Hunt Investigation Team, supported by Keep The Ban, graphic undercover footage has been released showing the Duke of Beaufort Hunt striking their hounds.

The shocking videos were acquired through a covert operation in which cameras were hidden within the kennels of what is one of the oldest and most prestigious hunts in the country. In the sickening footage, members of the hunt can be seen hitting several of their hounds and throwing them to the floor as the poor animals cry out.

Only a week or so after the hound shooting footage was released which saw ITV News coverage, the Beaufort Hunt were back out hunting and endangering the lives of their hounds. The image below shows the aftermath of a stray Beaufort Hunt hound that was caught running down the middle of the A433 in Didmarton, Badminton just a few weeks ago.

Keep The Ban was sent the image by a member of the public who caught the dog and told us that "When her 'owners' turned up she was terrified, put up a fight and ran off again. She was clearly terrified of them."

The videos accompany footage released a few weeks ago which showed the hunt shooting dead four of their hounds. Tw of them needing to be shot again after showing signs of life. One of the hounds is then shown being picked up and dropped onto a wheelbarrow to be carted away. The footage secured from the investigation is the first time that a hunt has ever been caught on camera shooting their hounds, but you'd be mistaken if you assumed this incident is a one off. Although it may be the first time they’ve been caught out, hunts across the country routinely kill their hounds before the start of each hunting season.

It is estimated that up to 7,000 hounds are unnecessarily killed by hunts every year and very few make it past the age of five or six despite having a life expectancy of around fourteen. Hounds like the ones shown mercilessly killed by the Duke of Beaufort Hunt are often deemed worthless for not showing enough hunting instinct or bloodlust. It is worth remembering that hounds are taught to kill and the barbaric pastime of cubbing plays a key role in ensuring hounds get a taste for blood.

The Duke of Beaufort Hunt aren't just any hunt. They're known to be one of the most prestigious hunts in the country and royalty have ridden out with them including the likes of Prince William and Prince Charles. The Beaufort are believed to be Prince Charles' favourite hunt.

Pictured above: Prince William and Prince Charles who have previously ridden with the prestigious Duke of Beaufort Hunt

The notion then that the Duke of Beaufort Hunt and the other 300 registered hunts across the country carry out “trail hunting”as opposed to hunting foxes and other live mammals is absolutely farcical. If hunts genuinely were following artificially laid trails as opposed to hunting foxes, then why would they need to kill their hounds prior to the start of the hunting season? Of course, the reality is that “trail hunting” is nothing but a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting and this investigation provides yet more irrefutable evidence that this is the case. The Duke of Beaufort Hunt are not unique in the fact they couldn’t care less about the hounds they claim to love. The vast majority of so-called “trail hunts” treat their hounds as nothing more than disposable tools trained to kill wildlife.

In 2019 Matt Ramsden, Joint Master and Huntsman at The Beaufort Hunt claimed that anti-hunt protestors didn’t have “the first idea about what’s going on”. Well now not only do anti-hunt protestors know what’s going on behind closed doors but their sickening practices have been exposed to the British public. The next time this hunt and others parade through the streets on Boxing Day claiming to love their hounds, remember the fact that they dispose of them as if they are rubbish. We would ask Mr Ramsden how he can continue to still feasibly claim that they are in fact “trail hunting” and whether he would like to defend the actions of his hunt staff that shot dead the seemingly healthy hounds.

Ariel view of the Beaufort Hunt kennels captured by the Hunt Investigation Team

Shockingly in the same year (2019) the National Trust gave licences to the Duke of Beaufort Hunt to use their land despite ongoing calls from Keep The Ban for these licences to be permanently ended. We have been campaigning on this issue since 2017 and now more than ever it is time for organisations such as Forestry England and the National Trust to stand up against the hunts and protect wildlife. If like us you’re sickened by the shooting of the hounds and you want to take action then please support our campaign to end hunting licences given out by major landowners. You can add your name to our open letter to Hilary McGrady, Director of the National Trust and Mike Seddon, Director of Forestry England asking that all licences be permanently scrapped.

The charade that is “trail hunting” has been well and truly exposed and we will not sit by and watch as our wildlife is chased and killed for entertainment. The is the beginning of the end for foxhunting in this country. Be a part of the movement and help us consign this barbarism to the history books.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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