A shocking undercover investigation funded by Ecotricity has found that puppies and adult dogs (typically aged 5) deemed unsuitable for hunting are shot and thrown in bins that and taken to power stations. Footage showed foxes, badgers and partridges (from shoots) also being dumped into bins.

In a statement put out by the electricity provider, they stated how "The resulting electricity is being supplied to homes and businesses by several providers – including British Gas and Eon.

Captured covertly over a six-month period in 2021, the footage also uncovered evidence of animal cruelty and multiple rule breaches. A kennel worker was filmed bouncing on the stomach of a dead cow while making a phone call, while another drove a quad bike back and forth over a dead cow. The footage was so shocking that ITV had to show its report after the watershed. All video has been handed over to the Police for investigation."

The companies' founder Dale Vince went on to say "“We identify as a nation of animal lovers – we love cats and dogs. It was only a few weeks ago that our Prime Minister stepped into personally save the lives of less than 200 dogs and cats from potential harm at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Meanwhile many thousands of dogs suffer in our country at the hands of the hunting fraternity. I wonder if he’ll intervene to save them?”

“Millions of Brits will be shocked and disgusted to discover how hunts are treating their dogs and will be horrified to find out their lights might be puppy powered.”

Sadly the footage which involves five different hunts is hardly surprising. Last year Keep The Ban helped HIT (Hunt Investigation Team) secured footage of the Beaufort Hunt shooting their hounds dead. The shocking videos were acquired through a covert operation in which cameras were hidden within the kennels of what is one of the oldest and most prestigious hunts in the country. In the sickening footage, members of the hunt can be seen firing bullets into four hounds with one of them needing to be shot again after showing signs of life. One of the hounds is then shown being picked up and dropped onto a wheelbarrow to be wheeled away.

The footage secured from the investigation is the first time that a hunt has ever been caught on camera shooting their hounds, but this is not to say that the incident is a one off. Although it may be the first time they’ve been caught out, hunts across the country routinely kill their hounds before the start of each hunting season. It is estimated that up to 7,000 hounds are unnecessarily killed by hunts every year and very few make it past the age of five or six despite having a life expectancy of around fourteen. Hounds like the ones shown mercilessly killed by the Duke of Beaufort Hunt are often deemed worthless for not showing enough hunting instinct or blood-lust. It is worth remembering that hounds are taught to kill and the barbaric pastime of cubbing plays a key role in ensuring hounds get a taste for blood.

Pictured: Staff member of the Duke of Beaufort Hunt shooting dead one of four hounds

The notion then that the Duke of Beaufort Hunt and the other 300 registered hunts across the country carry out “trail hunting”as opposed to hunting foxes and other live mammals is absolutely farcical. If hunts genuinely were following artificially laid trails as opposed to hunting foxes,then why would they need to kill their hounds prior to the start of the hunting season? Of course, the reality is that “trail hunting” is nothing but a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting and this investigation provides yet more irrefutablee vidence that this is the case. The Duke of Beaufort Hunt are not unique in the fact they couldn’t care less about the hounds they claim to love. The vast majority of so-called “trail hunts” treat their hounds as nothing more than disposable tools trained to kill wildlife.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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