EXPOSED: Leaked video of senior hunt officials blows lid on ‘trail hunt’ lies

In an explosive leaked webinar shared last night by the Hunt Saboteur Association, senior hunt officials and an ex-police chief are caught on camera explaining how to create a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting.

The video features comments from the following;

Lord Mancroft – Conservative Peer, Chair of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) and former Chair of the Countryside Alliance.

Mark Hankinson – MFHA Director, Hunting Office Executive Director  and former Master of the Wilton Hunt.

Richard Tyacke – Chairman of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB), Hunting Office Executive Director  and former Master and Huntsman of the Wynnstay Hunt.

Paul Jelley – Master of the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles from 1990 – 2013 and a Police Officer for 30 years.

Polly Portwin – Head of Hunting at the Countryside Alliance and a member of the notorious Kimblewick Hunt.

At the start of the video Lord Mancroft reportedly states;

“Anything to come out of these meetings is to be kept amongst ourselves”

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The video goes on to show Mark Hankinson stating the following;

“It’s a lot easier to create a smokescreen if you’ve got more than one trail layer operating and that is what it’s all about, trying to portray to the people watching that you’re going about legitimate business.”

The video reportedly shows Phil Davies to say the following in regards to how to go about court cases;

“If we’re accused of illegal hunting and we’ve got the saboteurs out and there’s horns being blown by them, what better than to produce a video to the court to say it wasn’t us encouraging the hounds on.. What it will do is create that smokescreen or that element of doubt that we haven’t deliberately hunted a fox”

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The three webinars were part of a series that took place in August this year and were attended by over a hundred and fifty hunt masters from across the country.  The panel was made up of leaders of the hunting community including:

This ground breaking expose could not have been possible without the work of the Hunt Saboteur Association so please show them some support. You can become a member here for as little as £20 a year and it is the most effective way to help directly save wildlife from the hunts.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban