In recent weeks Dr Amir Khan has given his support to Keep The Ban as he backs our calls for Forestry England to permanently end Forestry England “trail hunting” licences. The Doctor known for his appearance in GPs: Behind Closed Doors and most recently for his appearances on Good Morning Britain, has taken to Twitter to voice his support for our campaigns.

“I’m working with Keep The Ban to put an end to illegal fox and hare hunting. We want Forestry England to stop giving “trail hunting” licences to organised groups that can “accidentally” kill foxes and hares. Please sign the petition if you agree."

This follows a 6-month long campaign undertaken by Keep The Ban calling on Forestry England to permanently ban all hunts from their land. While fox hunting and hare hunting has been illegal since 2004, hunts claim to be following an artificial trail as opposed to a live mammal and call it "trail hunting". This is nothing but a trail of lies.

For the most recent hunting season, Forestry England gave hunting licences for 34 fox & hare “trail hunts”. Despite hunting wild mammals with dogs being illegal, two of the licensed/previously licensed trail hunts have been associated with convictions under the Hunting and Animal Welfare Acts.

Other licensed fox hunts have recently been in the press for alleged trespass, killing foxes, losing control of their dogs & for another criminal conviction. A saboteur was severely injured at a hunt in early September that ordinarily receives a licence from Forestry England.

It is only a matter of time before more convictions and more bans will have to be implemented. The answer is simple and effective – stop granting licences to hunts that are continuing to use the myth of ‘trail hunting’ to chase and kill wildlife.

Dr Amir Khan also went on to make the following statement:

This led to his local paper Telegraph & Argus running a story about his calls to end illegal fox hunting. However it also resulted in him being subject to online abuse -

Over the last few weeks I've had an increase in the amount of very personal abusive DMs I get mainly for:
Lending my voice to end illegal fox and hare hunting and my pro-Covid vaccine messages. To be clear: I WILL NOT STOP.

We stand right behind you Dr Amir! It is brilliant to see someone using their platform to raise awareness about what is really going on in the countryside and to champion the fight to end hunting for good.

We thank him for continuing to use his voice to support the campaign to end wildlife persecution for good - and we applaud him for the brilliant work that he has been undertaking throughout the pandemic. Thanks to his calm and sensible approach he has helped countless people through the pandemic by encouraging people not to be afraid of taking the vaccine and provided lots of useful tips and information.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban