A crowd funder has been set up in order to “change the law to protect animals from out-of-control hunting hounds”. This comes after the shocking death of Mini the cat in Cornwall last month in which the family companion animal was chased and killed by a pack of hunting hounds. In the disturbing video, the huntsman can be seen holding the body of Mini before hurling her over a fence of a nearby neighbor.

‍Speaking to Keep The Ban, owner Carly Jose said:

“You just feel like you’re not doing enough, you should be doing more and the idea that it could happen to another animal, any animal, why should someone be put through this because they want to have fun? This is their idea of fun, we haven’t been having fun. I can’t sleep,we can’t do things as normal because all we’re thinking is that Mini is not at home and my children had to see that and go through that, and I had to put my children through that pain because of them.”

A campaign titled ‘Mini’s Law’ has since been created and is being backed by Keep The Ban. Carly has since stated how she hopes “Mini can become a catalyst for change.” “she was so important to us and that makes me feel guilty because every animal matters and it kind of puts it into perspective that every fox, every cat that has been killed previous, this shouldn’t be happening, I don’t want it to happen again,why are they allowed to carry on doing this”

If you haven’t already, please give the campaign a follow and consider donating to the legal fundraiser to help take the campaign to the next stage.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban