Beagles inside breeding facility that sends the dogs for experimentation are showing signs that their “needs are not being met”. And covertly filmed footage reveals behaviour typical of confined animals in zoos and factory farms.

Image: Stop Animal Cruelty Huntingdon)


On 27 May, newspaper the Independent published footage of beagle puppies inside breeding facility MBR Acres. It was captured by campaign group Free the MBR Beagles, which is demanding that all the beagles are released and the place is shut down. The published video shows multiple caged cells, each with one or more puppies inside. 

The Independent published further footage from the campaign group on 5 June. The article reported that the condition in which the beagles are kept has led the puppies to display signs of “extreme stress”. It went on to say:

“Animals are seen carrying out repetitive movements, which vets say signals frustration.

“And high-pitched calling by numerous dogs, apparently in distress, is heard continually in the video.

“The only effort seen in the clips at entertaining the puppies is a ball on a chain but it appears to have been tucked out of the way.”

It drew comparisons between the back-and-forth pacing displayed by the beagles and similar behaviour in captive zoo, aquarium and factory farm animals. And quoted Andrew Knight, professor of animal welfare at Winchester University, saying the “puppies display pathological repetitive behaviours typical in confined animals whose needs are not being met”.

Image: Stop Animal Cruelty Huntingdon)


MBR Acres is a beagle breeding facility located near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. It is owned by international corporation Marshall BioResources and breeds beagle puppies for biomedical research. Protesters say that up to 2000 beagles are bred at MBR Acres every year and that puppies are shipped into drug and chemical testing at 16 weeks old.

Anti-vivisection campaigners set up the permanent Camp Beagle outside of MBR Acres during summer 2021. It has since become a hub for the wider campaign to shut down the facility. The campaign has previously attracted several high profile supporters including Ricky Gervais, Alan Davies and Peter Egan. Singer Will Young handcuffed himself to the facility’s gates in November 2021.


The footage, which Camp Beagle claimed is the “first undercover footage ever” from MBR Acres, and which the Independent said is the first detailed footage from inside the facility in 50 years, reveals the lives of puppies bred for medical testing.

A spokesperson for MBR Acres told the Independent that the footage shows:

“healthy and content dogs in a regulated breeding establishment who are well cared for by a team of trained and dedicated staff.

“The animals are very obviously in excellent condition, which would be expected for a regulated business staffed almost exclusively with animal care experts.”

And went on to add:

“We remain proud of what we do every day because our work results in dogs that are healthy and well habituated for their vital role of preventing and treating greater suffering.”


Camp Beagle welcomes visitors and protesters at any time. It is located outside the MBR Acres facility on Sawtry Way, Wyton, Huntingdon, PE28 2DX.

You can also follow the social media accounts for Camp Beagle and Free the MBR Beagles to stay updated on the campaign. 

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