Emily Brown, a local councillor in Cornwall has made the decision to leave Mebyon Kernow after the party decided not to back a ban on 'trail hunting'. The decision comes in the wake of a discussion held by Cornwall Council over possible moves to enforce a blanket ban on 'trail hunts' using council owned land.

No decision has yet been made because any proposed ban would be an executive function for the council to be taken by the leader and Cabinet.

Mebyon Kernow has stated that while there had been differing views in the party it could not support a blanket ban of trail hunting.

Speaking to Cornwall Live, Emily Brown stated;

“I am really sad about it and heartbroken to be honest," she said. "The saddest thing about this is that MK know how passionate I am about the environment and wildlife, it is the one thing that is a no-no for me. If I could ban all hunting, trail hunting and everything, then I would.

“I feel bad for saying I give up (on MK) but it is a very strong reason for me. One thing I hope this does is to make people and politicians aware that you can stand up for what you believe in and you don’t have to follow your party.”

Cornwall has a long running issue with illegal fox hunting in the region. Last year Keep The Ban were heavily involved with the campaign for Mini's Law after Mini the cat was killed by an out of control pack of hounds in a quiet residential street. John Sampson, leading huntsman of the Western Hunt, was found guilty of being in control of out of control hounds at Truro Magistrates Court last year.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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