BBC Presenter and wildlife advocate Chris Packham was again targeted by thugs on Thursday night after a car was blown up outside his house and subsequently set his gates on fire. Speaking in the aftermath of the incident, Packham took to social media and spoke candidly about the attack. While accepting this was but the latest of along line of occurrences he remained defiant in the face of those who targeted him.

“All I can say is, whoever you are. You burned down the wrong gates. Because if you think by burning down those gates that I’m going to become a supporter of unsustainable or illegal shooting, the unwarranted savagery brought upon foxes when they’re torn to pieces by dogs, then you’re wrong.

“I will, of course, just carry on. Because I have no choice.I cannot, and will not, let your intimidation sway me from my course.”

Just a couple of years ago several dead animals were hung to his gate, including the animals he works so hard to protect such as badgers,foxes, and birds. In the video to camera Packham admitted that this is now almost a regular occurrence and so much so that he has stopped telling his family about it. In the wildlife TV presenter goes on to highlight the upcoming vote being held by the National Trust which will decide whether hunting licences will continue to be given out. Packham urges those watching to take part in this vote if they are members of the National Trust and to vote FOR the resolution.

What is the National Trust vote mentioned by Packham in his video?

Until 2020 the National Trust has allowed ‘trail hunts’ to use their land. These licences are currently suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation into the leaked hunting office webinars. We are calling for these suspensions to be made permanent and for hunting to be banned on all National Trust land indefinitely. The lie that is ‘trail hunting’ has been well and truly exposed and you can read more about the leaked webinars and trail hunting here. Keep The Ban is urging members of the National Trust to vote FOR the resolution to permanently end so-called "trail hunt" licences being handed out by the National Trust. Below is all of the information you need to cast your vote against the hunts.

Vote online:

1. Go to the voting website.

2. Log in by entering your name, surname, membership number and post code.

3. Click the AGM Resolutions button.

4. Appoint the Chair of the meeting as your proxy.

5. Put a cross in the box ‘FOR’ the resolution to ban ‘trail’ hunting.

6. Vote on any other motions (should you so wish, if not leave blank)

7. Click the 'Next Page' button.

8. Review your choices, then click 'Submit'

Vote by post:

1. Find the voting form in your orange AGM booklet. This will have come with your September issue of National Trust Magazine.

2. Fill in your name, surname, membership number, post code and signature

3. Appoint the Chair of the meeting as your proxy.

4. Put a cross in the box ‘FOR’ the resolution to ban trail hunting.

5. Vote on any other motions (should you so wish, if not leave blank)

6.Review your choices

7.Return your form by post to the following short address: ‘Freepost Civica Election Services’.*

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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