Over 40,000 people have now signed a petition set up by Cheshire Monitors calling on hunting to be banned on the Eaton Estate. The land belongs to the Duke of Westminster (Hugh Grosvenor) and has played host to both the Wynnstay Hunt and the Cheshire Hounds who continue to hunt wildlife on the estate.

As outlined by Cheshire Monitors on their Care2 petition

The Cheshire Hounds and the Wynnstay Hunt have often been exposed for criminality.For one example, watch this interview with members of the public who had witnessed the Wynnstay Hunt illegally kill a fox at Poulton on 25th February 2018 after pursuing it from the Eaton Estate on to a building site at Chapel house Farm,and then subsequently hiding the evidence when challenged. For another, watch this footage of the Cheshire Hounds clearing up the remains of an illegally killed fox on 10th September 2018. Finally, the Wynnstay Hunt again killed a fox in the garden of residents at Coddington after pursuing it off the Eaton Estate on 18th February 2020.”


The Eaton Estate has already had to ban one of the hunts from a small area of it's land. Cheshire Monitors and Keep The Ban are now calling for the Eaton Estate management to act responsibly & ethically on behalf of wildlife, and prevent both fox hunts from entering the entire 4,000 hectares of this estate in the future.

If you would like to sign the petition but haven’t already you can do so here –


Alternatively if you would like to write to Eaton Estate about their continued support of “trail hunting” and ask them to permanently end the licences given to Cheshire Hounds and the Wynnstay Hunt you can contact them here –


Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban