BREAKING: Pack of hunting hounds attack dog and owner in Cornwall

On 16th November a pack of hunting hounds from the Cury hunt attacked Jessica Lane and her dog Bear in Cornwall.

Below is a post put out by Jessica earlier this morning of the horrible incident;

“Yesterday our amazing dog Bear and I were attacked by over 30 hounds when irresponsible owners at the Cury Hunt Cornwall lost full control of these hounds. Bear was engulfed, we were backed into a ditch whilst the owners and staff did nothing to stop it. Bear was overcome with fear and slipped his collar, before I could stop him he ran from me followed by the entire hunt of these hounds. I screamed and prayed to god to spare him and prayed for speed for our beautiful boy. The owners did nothing to help us, in fact they did as little as they could.

I’m sure my screams could’ve been heard from miles around, my desperation was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I ran 4 miles looking for our brave boy, he outran all of those hounds, he was intelligent enough to take to the quarry which was full of water and he swam over a hundred metres to a big rock at the bottom of a cliff which the hounds were unable to follow him to, his swimming skills and bravery are all thanks to my incredible boyfriend who has been teaching bear to swim and be strong in the water.

I couldn’t find bear for a very long time, Horrific experience….I’ve never felt desperation like it. I got down on my knees in the mud and I prayed to god to help him. All I could think of was that he was alone running for his life, all I could envisage was him being torn to shreds….and I couldn’t help him. Awful gut wrenching feeling….the hounds realised they had nowhere to go and retreated back to the hunt staff which she then took her hounds and left without any concern for our boy.

The only way I could reach him was to swim across the quarry the same route he took, give him the reassurance to get back in the water with me and swim with him back to the other side these people are disgusting and cruel people who are living in the 18th century, with no care for animals at all. We have reported to Cornwall police to press charges, we have reported to our local news in the hope that this is picked up nationally because it’s far past it’s time that this disgusting so called sport is still happening. It’s not right, it’s in humane and the only people who love it are sick w**kers who get off on inflicting pain and suffering on defenceless animals.

I want to say that I have struggled to get the images out of my head, bear Is exhausted and hasn’t left our sight or arms. He’s the bravest little dog and so impressed with his evasion skills, unfortunately this will happen again to dogs that aren’t so fast, that can’t escape….I will say this for definite ‘those hounds were after blood, no command available to stop them, so when the hunt say they don’t kill….liars all of them.”

Sadly this is yet another incident of out-of-control hounds attacking a member of the public and this very same hunt attacked a dog and couple before causing serious injuries.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban