West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma has had his cats taken away by the RSPCA following shocking footage showing him kicking and hitting one of his cats went viral this week. However what this story has shown more than anything is how this country has a long way to go before animal cruelty is taken seriously. Despite the sickening video being the talk of the nation West Ham United still decided to start Zouma for their game against Watford on Tuesday night. In the face of horrid cruelty inflicted on an innocent animal, it was decided it was still more important to allow this man to play a game of football. The decision showed us just how far we still have to go before animal cruelty is taken seriously in this country.

Taking to Twitter, Chris Packham said the following:

"The rancid stench of arrogance and no accountability is choking our lives and the London Stadium reeks of it tonight . Their sport , once held as a paragon of fairness and excellence , is blighted by greed and a wholesale disregard for our most treasured basic values. They have lost any plot that remained , and we are losing the game . We have a consummate love for our pets , we revere , nourish and nurture them . And in return they keep us happy , sane , sometimes alive. We have laws to protect them, but those laws, those standards protect us too. They are not just there to save cats from being kicked and slapped, they are there to remind us of what being human is."

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Rob Pownall

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