In a move welcomed by Keep The Ban, councillors in Cheshire have agreed to permanently ban trail hunting  on council-owned land. Since 2004 hunts across the country have claimed to be "trail hunting" as opposed to deliberately hunting wildlife which was made illegal under the ban. However "trail hunting" is nothing but a "smokescreen" for illegal fox hunting and now landowners and councils across the country are beginning to wake up to the lies.

Cheshire West and Chester Council have followed in the footsteps of the National Trust who also banned "trail hunting" on their land following a landmark members' vote to end the licences last month. Laughably the pro-hunt Countryside Alliance have claimed that the decision sends an "anti-rural" message.

According to a report to the council's cabinet, a cross-party working group at the authority said it had recommended the ban because of the risk to both wild and domestic animals.

Information from Cheshire Police analysed by the council found it was "realistically possible" that trail hunting was being used as "a cover-up for other illegal hunting practices".

More than 900 members of the public also responded - with 98% in favour of the ban.

It is great to see councils are beginning to take a stand to protect wildlife and are waking up to the realities of what trail hunting really is, nothing but a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting. We’re currently asking our supporters to urge their local councils to ban the Boxing Day hunts so please sign our petition if you haven’t already. Together we can and we will end this vile pastime for good.

Keep The Ban is currently calling on all councils to ban the hunts from parading through town centres this Boxing Day and you can sign our petition here.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban

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