In the first installment of a new 4 part series, hunt saboteur and Keep The Ban team member Harky talks us through what it means to be a hunt saboteur.

Hunt Saboteur Unmasked - Episode 1 deals with the basics of hunt sabotage and what it involves as well as the techniques that are often employed in the field. Harky goes on to explain just how important it is for hunt saboteurs to be on the ground and the subsequent effectiveness when it comes to saving wildlife from the hunts. It all comes as part of a new project taken on by Keep The Ban to give a platform to animal activists across the country and this first video is a taste of what's to come.

Asked if hunt saboteurs are effective, Harky says the following:

Hunt sabs are effective.

I don't care what anyone says, they are effective. I've been a hunt sab for three years, for three seasons.

We've only witnessed two kills, and as horrible as those situations were, if we weren't there

They would kill week in week out. If hunt sabs weren't sabbing, hunts would kill all the time. They are effective, they're crucial, they're the only people physically putting themselves in between the hunts and their targets.

Harky is then posed the question - Isn't fox hunting illegal?

So the ban came in in 2004 and I think for everyone that sort of cared about fox hunting or it was an issue tothem

They thought it ended in 2004, they thought it was done

The point of this video is to make people aware that this is still going on, it never went away. The hunt just became hidden from the public

And they thought they were getting away with it

Sharing that footage of the reality of hunting and the fact that it still goes on is really important.

For the majority of the public, I just don't think it's in their thought process whether hunting exists or not

And it's not until you tell them that they're so shocked by it, they can't believe it still goes on

The majority of people believe it ended in 2004 and it just didn’t, it never went away

They still hunt to kill, they don't really operate any differently to how they operated before the ban.  As long as hunting exists, hunt sabbing will exist and that I will be a hunt sab. As long as there is hunting in this country I will be a hunt sab. I can't see any reason why I would stop being a hunt sab.

Do you enjoy hunt sabotage?

Elements of it are fun,you're with lots of like-minded people all there for this reason but then the reason you're there is you don't want to watch something get killed in front of your eyes

You put yourself in a position, surrounded by people you don't want to be anywhere near.

There is no reason any hunt sab wants to be anywhere near hunters

I don't want to be anywhere near people who kill things for fun so even just being there surrounded by them is a strange situation

People say you must feel so good doing what you do but it's like no I don't feel good about what I do

I don't want to have to do it. Nobody wants to be a hunt sab because nobody wants hunting to exist. But as long as hunting exists, hunt sabbing will exist.

With hunt sabbing it's just this thing, you're drawn to it, you just know you have to be there.

For whatever your reason is,for being there, you just know you have to be there

Hunt saboteur and Keep The Ban member Harky on set for Hunt Saboteur Unmasked - Episode 1

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban