In the second episode of our sit-down interview series, we explore the accessibility of hunt sabotage and dismantle assumptions that it’s only a certain type of person involved in direct action.

We posed the question – Are there female hunt saboteurs?

“90% more females contacted me that want to be hunt sabs than do men but they are all worried about the abuse they’ll get. I’ve probably seen more female hunt sabs than male sabs. I think my team is almost 50/50 male female. A lot of the other teams I work with are mainly 50/50 split between male and female and it is a really important point that you don’t have to have a set of credentials to be a hunt sab. You haven’t got to be a bloke, you haven’t got to be big, strong or tough,that doesn’t come into it at all. There’s no perfect sab, you can be any background, any colour, race, age, creed, sex, religion. It is the passion that drives someone to be there which outweighs their size, age, gender, just being there you’re already stronger than anyone who’s not there."

This video was one of four in a series looking at what it means to be a hunt saboteur. If you haven’t already done so you can watch the full interviews here.

We think it is important to get across the valuable work undertaken by hunt saboteurs across the country and also to start breaking down the common misconceptions that are often created by hunt supporters. This series is just the beginning of a whole host of chats and discussions with not only saboteurs but wildlife campaigners and activists, creating a platform for conversation on issues of importance.

There is a role for everyone to play in the fight to end the persecution of wildlife. Whether it be hunt sabotage, online activism, or fundraising, we can each play an important part. We encourage everyone reading this to head to our get involved page to find more details about how you can help our campaigns.

If you’re interested in becoming a hunt saboteur or want to find out more about what it involves please get in touch with your local group here.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban