Keep The Ban is calling for major landowners and local councils to stand up to the hunts and ensure hunts can no longer use their land to continue their barbaric and outdated activities.

Landowners across the country allow hunts to exploit their land by issuing ‘trail-hunt’ licences, giving them permission to kill wildlife behind the scenes. As the recently leaked Hunting Office webinars revealed, trail-hunting is being used as a cover up for real hunting, and so the excuse of trail-hunting being a ‘legal’ activity no longer stands.

Despite some landowners (The National Trust, Forestry England, United Utilities, Lake District National Park Authority, and Natural Resources Wales) temporarily suspending trail-hunting licences amid the police investigation into the webinar, we don’t believe this is sufficient and we are calling on all landowners to introduce permanent bans to put a stop to the persecution of wildlife.

A permanent ban would eradicate 'trail hunting' (fox hunting) from taking place across many areas of the country, subsequently making it a lot harder for these hunts to go out and kill wildlife. A permanent ban would also set precedent and reflect the common view that those who assume superiority in society aren’t untouchable.

Keep The Ban set up a template email tool that emails one or all the current landowners who issue trail-hunting licences, urging them to permanently ban these licences. As it stands, over 80,000 emails have now been sent, which is a huge response and a real reflection of how many people care. We need to keep going, the more emails the more pressure; at some point the landowners will no longer be able to ignore us. The message is clear,until they permanently suspend trail-hunting licences on their land, they have blood on their hands and are indirectly supporting illegal activity.

We recently wrote about the National Trust, who is one of the major landowners who temporarily suspended these licences. The National Trust is a prime example of the conflict of interest exercised through the issuing of trail-hunting licences. As a charity who receive donations from the public to help ‘protect wildlife’ they also evidently receive some element of financial gain from the hunts to allow them to trail-hunt on their land, subsequently killing wildlife.

This is why it is paramount that we keep up the pressure on them and keep raising awareness. If you have already sent a template email,you can also sign our latest petition aimed at landowners which currently has over 30,000 signatures. If you have done both- thank you.

Help us keep up the pressure by sharing on social media and tweeting individual landowners to put the spotlight on them.

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of Social Media