As reported on by Suffolk and Essex Hunt Sabs earlier today, 4 fox cubs have been found by a member of the public in a park in Benfleet, Essex. All of the cubs appear to have impact wounds from being shot with two of the cubs being placed in two different locations in the park and turned on their sides to hide the wounds.

The cubs were discovered by an upset member of the public and it is believed that they were killed either Saturday or Sunday night. As stated on a recent Facebook post by SES “The incident has been reported to the police, but the member of the public has asked for our help to create awareness that someone is shooting wildlife in a public space. If anyone saw or heard anything suspicious in Benfleet in a park over the bank holiday weekend, which sounded like shots being fired, please send us a private message. There is now a mother fox out there without her babies. The cubs would have only been a few months old and were starting to gain more independence, their lives cut short due to someone wanting to get their sick kicks out of killing them.”

Image: Steve Moore

Unfortunately, this awful incident comes just days after another case of cruelty to wildlife in Rustington. As reported by Fox Guardians, “Only days after the council investigated the incident of poisoned rags being placed in and around a garden bordering onto the large communal allotment space, a dead fox cub was found on that very allotment. It was killed in the most horrific way and displayed for all to see - as if the fox hater is proud of their actions and certain that they will get away with murder”

This week it was also reported that nine dead hares were found left at the side of a rural road. It has been claimed that the dead animals were put there as an act of defiance to locals who had been attempting to crack down on illegal hare coursing activities.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban