Keep The Ban’s campaign has been urging major landowners to permanently suspend ‘trail-hunting’ licences on their land. This comes after the leaked Hunting Office webinars revealed that trail-hunting is merely a smokescreen for illegal hunting.

At the end of last year some landowners temporarily suspended these licences following the webinar and police investigation, but we believe the only way to put a stop to this illegal hunting taking place in the background is for these suspensions to be made permanent.

Keep The Ban recently launched a new petition aimed at these major landowners. Following the huge public response to our campaign, 12,000 templated emails have now been sent to landowners urging them to cut ties with the hunting world. The new petition intends on ramping up the pressure on these landowners and has already reached 22,000 signatures.  

Landowners will be under a huge amount of pressure should the police investigation conclude, and should they decide to reinstate the issuing of these licences. We intend on putting as much pressure as possible on them, and spreading as much awareness as possible about these indirect links to the killing of wild animals, which isn’t a good look for any high-profile landowner, let alone one affiliated with nature and wildlife such as the National Trust.

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of Social Media