Keep The Ban’s government petition calling on Forestry England to end their so-called “trail hunt”licences has now passed the 100,000 mark and will be considered for parliamentary debate.


Background to the petition and why we set it up:

 Keep The Ban have been leading the campaign against Forestry England “trail hunt” licences for the past six months and we continue to call on major landowners to permanently end the licensing of hunts.

In the words of Forestry England – “We strictly control trail hunting with permissions and licences according to an agreement with the Masters of Fox Hounds Association”

However, towards the end of last year a leaked webinar showed Mark Hankinson, Director of the Masters of Fox Hounds Association (the very same organisation that Forestry England gives its permissions and licenses in agreement with) admitting the following;

“It’s a lot create a smokescreen if you’ve got more than one trail layer operating and that is what it’s all about, trying to portray to the people watching that you’re going about legitimate business.”


This is a clear and open admission that “trail hunting” is simply used as a smokescreen to portray that nothing illegal is going on.

In a statement published by Forestry England on Wednesday 25th November, they confirmed that all licences for trail hunting in the nation’s forests would be suspended until the police have concluded their investigation. This is good news for wildlife for now, but we urge Forestry England to go one step further and to permanently ban all “trail hunts” on their land.

Thank you to all those who signed our government petition. To go one step further please use our handy email tool to send our template letter to several major landowners in just a matter of seconds.

Rob Pownall

Founder of Keep The Ban