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Rob Pownall


"I'm Rob and for the past 5 years I have led the Keep The Ban campaign. I'm passionate about doing all I can to consign hunting to the history books and educating the public about the realities of wildlife persecution. Whilst the campaign has achieved so much I realise the extent to which hunting still takes place and I want to dedicate my life to ending cruelty in the name of sport.

In 2020 Keep The Ban became a registered non-profit organisation and I want it to become a vehicle for long-lasting change. Through a combination of educating, campaigning, and investigating I believe we can make a meaningful difference for wildlife. I am a firm believer that change can only happen when every one of us stands up and takes action.

If you agree with what I stand for and want to help make a difference then please get in touch. We work with a whole host of organisations big and small who share our goals and beliefs and we're always looking to take on new projects and support those who actively fight against wildlife crime. Get in touch - or sign up to be a volunteer and get notified as to how you can help our campaigns.

Matt Smithers


I’m Matt and I have 15 years senior marketing experience working for animal charities and NGO’s, delivering global award-winning campaigns to challenge animal welfare issues, raising vital funds, and working to build a more compassionate future for wildlife. I have worked on many animal-welfare issues from captive lion breeding, illegal poaching, trophy hunting, illegal wildlife trade, circuses, zoos, animals in entertainment, fox hunting, and more.

I morally cannot fathom the mentality of those who are motivated to inflict pain, fear or suffering on an animal for their own entertainment or financial gain.  It is these heinous acts that motivate me every day. My ethos is simple, and that is we do not own this world, but share it with multiple species.  These species have as much right to be here as we do, and we need to work harder and find solutions for people and wildlife to coexist. My goal now is to use my experience, skills, and knowledge to help inform, educate, and motivate the public to build a sustainable, ethical, and compassionate world for the wildlife around us. By doing this, maybe, just maybe, I will leave the world in a slightly better position than when I joined it.

Design Kind

graphic/web design

"Design Kind is very much an integral part of the Keep The Ban family. We’ve worked together on a number of projects over the past few months and it was a no-brainer to enlist their design and website expertise to create something that would take our campaigning to the next level. Our expectations were high to begin with, but their execution of the project was second to none.

One only has to spend a few minutes on our website to take action against wildlife persecution and it is this functionality combined with the sleek design which we have been most impressed with. Design Kind has helped transform what we do and has created an online space that will allow our supporters to engage with our work and keep up to date with all of the latest developments. We are committed to doing anything and everything to ensure hunting and wildlife persecution is consigned to the dustbin of history and this website will help us do just that.

What we also love about Design Kind is their commitment to social causes and their attention to detail. We couldn’t have asked for a better duo to work alongside to bring our vision to reality. This is only the start of our work with Design Kind and we look forward to taking on new projects in the near future! If you’re a non-profit organisation or charity we highly recommend getting in touch with the team!"

Amy Schouwenburg

Head of research & social media

"I’m Amy and I have recently started working alongside Rob with the Keep The Ban campaign. I am passionate about the treatment of wildlife, and I am determined to put behind us the dark nature of hunting that still takes place today, despite the Hunting Act.

I have always cared deeply about putting a stop to animal cruelty, but I first got immersed within the anti-hunt movement when I started going out with the Kernow Hunt Saboteurs in Cornwall. I carried out a photo-story on them over a period of 3 years. This really opened up my eyes to the brutality and musty culture of the so-called ‘sport’, as well as to the incredible hard work hunt sabs dedicate, in their own time, to protecting our wildlife.Because of this, I feel it is so important to try and educate each other on the reality of what goes on and why the ban needs strengthening, to spread awareness, as well as to finally put a stop to it.

No moment is wasted with my time at Keep The Ban. The work Rob does is invaluable to the campaign for ending cruel blood sports, and I am proud to be part of the team.”

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