End Hunting on National Trust Land

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Since 2017 Keep The Ban has drawn attention to the National Trust and their allowance of so-called ‘trail hunts’ to use their land.

These ‘trail hunts’ claim to follow an artificial scent as opposed to chasing live mammals – however, ‘trail hunting’ is nothing but a smokescreen for the illegal hunting of wildlife, and in reality is nothing but a trail of lies.



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A report from 2018-19 hunting season -
conducted by National Distrust

A report from 2018-19 hunting season, conducted by National Distrust highlighted that reckless and out of control hunts continue to wreak havoc across the countryside, terrorising and killing not only wildlife but domestic animals too. This same report, conducted of 44 randomly selected hunts ordinarily licenced by the National Trust, found that a third had convictions for assault upon monitors and that 70% of these hunts had members arrested for wildlife crime relating to activities carried out under so-called ‘trail hunts’.

The report is a damning reflection to the hunt groups and further fuel for the need to impose a permanent ban for trail hunting on National Trust land.

Evidence in the report also showcases the following illegal activity:

Use of Terrier Men - Terrier men traditionally accompanied hunts and encouraged their dogs to find, fight and flush out foxes that had gone underground. Their mission was to either kill animals or drive them out from underground, so the hunt could continue with their chase and their 'sport'.
Artificial Earth - Artificial breeding dens are built to encourage foxes to remain in a desired hunting area.
Destruction of badger setts
Blocked badger and otter setts - Early in the morning or the night before, prior to a hunt meet, terrier men from the hunt will go out and block badger setts in the area where the hunt is planning to meet. This is to stop the quarry, namely a fox, from escaping the chase and hiding in a badger sett ruining their “fun”.
Assault on sabs and monitors – resulting in convictions.
Hunting in cattle fields where they cannot lay trails – further evidence that they are not trail hunting.
Invading private properties, attacking domestic animals - Again, more evidence that they are not following a trail but a live animal, in doing so, putting the public and domestic animals at risk.

How you can help end the suffering of wild foxes and other mammals

Until 2020 the National Trust has allowed ‘trail hunts’ to use their land. These licences are currently suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation into the leaked hunting office webinars. 

We are calling for these suspensions to be made permanent and for hunting to be banned on all National Trust land indefinitely. 

The lie that is ‘trail hunting’ has been well and truly exposed and now is the time to press the National Trust to ban all hunting on their land.  The National Trust website states:

Our places provide homes for lots of different types of wildlife. We're working to ensure that these special places and their residents stay protected. 

It’s time that they upheld with value statement.

If you are a National Trust member, please sign our pledge and join our fight to end hunting on trust land.