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Until 2020 the National Trust has allowed ‘trail hunts’ to use their land.

These licences are currently suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation into the leaked hunting office webinars.

We are calling for these suspensions to be made permanent and for hunting to be banned on all National Trust land indefinitely.

The lie that is ‘trail hunting’ has been well and truly exposed and you can read more about the leaked webinars and trail hunting here.

what can you do?

There are a number of ways you can take action to end hunting on National Trust land now.


Since 2017 Keep The Ban has drawn attention to the National Trust and their allowance of so-called ‘trail hunts’ to use their land.

We set up a Petition which has since been signed by over 370,000 people and was later handed in to the National Trust in person.


We then supported National Trust member Helen Beynon in her resolution calling on the Trust to permanently end all ‘trail hunt’ licences.

This began a six-month campaign visiting National Trustsites and encouraging National Trust members to vote in favour of the resolution.

Whilst the resolution was ultimately unsuccessful by a mere 300 votes out of around 60,000 (public vote in favour but lost due to discretionary votes) - it did result in major changes to how licenses are given out.

The National Trust also created a dedicated team to deal with the issue of trail hunting and it has led to a significant reduction in the number of hunts using Trust land.

In 2018, 25 licences were handed out to hunts but by 2019 this number had fallen by 64% to 9 hunts.

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