Investigations are crucial in exposing and documenting the extent to which wildlife is still persecuted across Britain.

Hunt Investigation Team

Keep The Ban is proud to support the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT), providing funding for their ground-breaking investigations into illegal wildlife crime.

HIT is a highly specialist team with years of experience fighting animal abuse. HIT gathers evidence to expose cruelty and those who perpetrate it.

Find out more about HIT and their past investigations.


Keep The Ban also conducts investigations aimed at exposing hunts across the country. Our most recent expose revealed that over £200,000 has been given to hunts by local councils under the Covid small business grant.

The revelation that taxpayer money had been given to hunts while designed to help businesses save jobs led to nationwide press coverage and put hunts under the spotlight.

You can watch our video below to learn more about our discovery or read our overview summary.

Ongoing investigations – Wildlife crime

Do you have information on a hunt or have witnessed something which you suspect to be a crime?

You can use our online form to report wildlife crime or suspicious activity and we will investigate it.

Report wildlife crime.

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