Welcome to our 2021 Impact Report.

2021 was Keep The Ban’s first official year operating as a non-profit organisation. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us during our first year as none of our work would have been possible without your support. 

As we reflect on the last 12 months, we must not lose sight of the uphill battle we face, but it is still important to recognise the amount we have achieved in our first official year.

Below is an overview of some of our work and achievements in 2021:

The National Trust and several major landowners ended the licencing of hunts on their land - Learn More
Our undercover investigation exposed the Beaufort Hunt shooting their hounds - Learn More
We launched the Mini’s Law campaign and helped secure a criminal prosecution - Learn More
We exposed hunts across the country who were awarded Covid grants - Learn More
Our animation ‘A Trail of Lies’ narrated by Chris Packham was seen by over ½ million people - Learn More
Supported 14 hunt saboteur and hunt monitor groups across the country
Won 2021 Campaigner of the Year Award in the Great Outdoors Magazine - Learn More

We couldn’t have done half of what we have without your incredible support.

Our supporters are part of a growing movement in this country and our voices are finally being heard.

Together we are having a considerable impact and I will personally do everything I can to ensure 2022 is an even better one for wildlife. The above is just a summary of our activity, you can read the full impact report below:


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