The Keep The Ban Grant

Are you a member of a volunteer group or organisation campaigning for wildlife?

Do you have an upcoming project that needs funding?

Keep The Ban offers grants of up to £1000 for individuals or groups campaigning against wildlife persecution. We consider each and every request that we receive, whether it be assisting with leafleting and outreach costs or funding investigations into wildlife crime.

Keep The Ban is committed to ensuring that all applications will be given equal consideration regardless of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, provided that the application meets all of the below criteria.
Please read the below before applying for a Keep The Ban grant and ensure that your application contains the following.

You must have:
A named coordinator
Clear and detailed plans of what the funds will be used for and detailed proof of associated costs
A bank account

keep the ban will:
Treat every application individually, equally and fairly.
Ensure that the money for which we are responsible is spent only on the items agreed when the grant is awarded.

your application:
Your application must primarily benefit foxes, deer or hares.
You may apply for any amount up to £1000.
You will need a bank or building society account.
The project/organisation’s annual income must be less than £50k.
You will have six months in which to claim the funds from the date the grant is awarded.
We will not fund any costs associated with salaries, building maintenance or the general upkeep of property. We will not fund any professional fees such as accountancy, auditing or legal costs.
Applicants must provide clear and detailed plans of how funding will be used and the benefits it will bring to wildlife conservation or the campaign against wildlife crime/s.
Simply fill in the fields below with all of the details asked for above.
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